LGBTIQ activists in Uganda  

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Agalyawamu LGBTIQ Society,  is a small community based LGBTQ group in Kampala formed in 2009. We meet spontaneously to share and discuss our safety in this cruel and homophobic environment.Through our interractions somehow we forge means that cater for the pressing needs of some LGBTQs in our groyup. Our aim is to help LGBTQs improve and maintain healthy, independent lifestyles through improvements in their quality of life in our location.  We also provide  a platform for social sharing opportunities online via Twitter and Blogger. Here we get a chance to communicate with each other and friends and share knowledge about sexuality.

NOTE:  Due to extreme homophobia, LGBTQs are generally outlawed in Uganda . We therefore operate by the support of in-kind contributions from our friends within and abroad. We request our friends who may want to support us financially, to send their donations  through Western Union using details that are shared via our e-mail, Twitter and Blogger communications.


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